The Program that Connects Scandinavia to the Rest of the World



This Christian TV program features a casual but intimate atmosphere that promotes honest, down-to-earth, real conversations. God is moving all across our land and beyond. The life stories that our guests share with us are uplifting, inspiring, motivating and life changing. Our guests are from different walks of life, from all over Scandinavia, as well as from many other parts of the world. Some of the names you will recognize and other names you will not easily forget after hearing their stories.

Some of our past guests on “Scandinavia Live” include:
Jenny Berggren (Ace of Base)
Rune Larsen (music producer)
Senator Rick Santorum (USA presidential candidate)
Pat Robertson (CBN, 700 Club)
Manuela (Scandinavia’s Cupcake Queen)
Tom Egeland (fiction novelist)
Tore Paulsen (Barnabashjelpen)
Knut Arild Hareide (politician KRF)
Rachel Lampa (CCM artist)
Anne Christiansen (Jesus Church)
and many more.

Don’t miss it! “Scandinavia Live” airs every Friday at 21:00 on Kanal 10 Norge/Kanal 10 Sverige.

Please write to us and let us know how you like “Scandinavia Live.” We want to hear from you. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome!

Thank you for your support and love! See you soon on “Scandinavia Live!”